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Nikola Zujic

Where are you from?
I was born in Priboj, Serbia, 2nd of July 1987

Background in sports?
I started doing sports at an early age. At the age of 8, I joined a local handball team. When I turned 15, I signed my first professional contract and I’ve been playing as a professional handball player ever since. Handball has taken me through several countries in Europe, Asia and Africa.

In 2014 I joined Helsinki IFK and since then I live in Finland. In January 2020 I decided to finish my handball career and I started working for HVS.

What inspired you to become a strength and conditioning coach?
I was always interested in the fitness side of sports. Throughout my whole career I was trying to figure out how to better prepare my body in order to be faster, stronger, and to perform better on the field. I had a feeling, that when an athlete is feeling physically strong then everything goes better, self-confidence is on a higher level, especially in tough situations.

That aspect of the training became my passion.
But, the main reason why I wanted to be a coach is that I have been in the sport a bit over 20 years and feel that I owe to the sport a lot. Professional sport has given me everything; the opportunity to travel the world, meet many different people, build up true friendships, and most importantly – given me the opportunity to become a decent man! Sport has taught me the real values in the life; honesty, gratefulness, empathy, helping and assisting teammates, to get help from them and to how to work in a group. Because of this, I feel that I owe it to the sport to help other athletes reach their goals.

Your job description at HVS
In HVS my role will be strength and conditioning coach. With other coaches I will be responsible for physical development of the young players, maintaining a good shape and preparation for the tournaments with competitive players.

Your goals at HVS
My goals in HVS are that we build up the system where everyone knows what we want to achieve. That the players know exactly what they have to do every day. To lift the way of practicing on a higher level.

What are you looking forward the most working with HVS
We have so many talented players and many very good coaches and I am looking forward to see some of our players reaching their full potential and competing with the best tennis players in the world.

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