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Terms and Conditions 2023-2024


Training times

The training times will be available in the TennisClub, the HVS-Tennis electronic customer account. Players will receive an email when the times are available in the TennisClub. HVS has the right to charge one month’s coaching fee at the weekly price if the customer does not cancel the given training time.


By accepting the training time, the player accepts the HVS-Tennis terms and conditions and commits to participate in the coaching sessions for the entire season 2023-2024 and to pay the coaching and membership fee according to the price list. The player is not required to register again for the spring season.


Every HVS player is obliged to pay a membership fee once a year. New members will be charged the 2023 membership fee at the beginning of the fall season. The membership fee for 2024 will be charged to everyone at the beginning of the spring season. Membership fees 2023-2024: Adults € 60€, students under 25 30 € and kids 20€.


It is possible for the player to cancel attendance for the spring season 2024 by sending a written e-mail to or using the form two month before the spring season starts.

If the player wants to cancel attendance in the middle of the season, the notice period at HVS-Tennis is two calendar month. The written notice should be sent by e-mail to or by using the form The player is obliged to pay the coaching fees for the notice period.

The player becomes ill or is unable to attend his / her own coaching session

If the player becomes ill or is unable to attend his/her coaching session, the session can be stored in the compensation system (TennisClub) 24 hours before the start of the session. NOTE. If there are less than 12 hours to start of the coaching session, the compensation balance will increase ONLY if another player books the coaching session. The compensation balance cannot be converted into cash or used to pay for other activities.

Sick leave

HVS has a two-week deductible period. If a player becomes ill, it is the player’s responsibility to store the coaching session in the TennisClub. In the case of longer sick leave, the medical certificate entitles to a deduction of the training fee for a period exceeding two weeks’ deductible up to two months. In such a case, the player must immediately notify the HVS in writing at The two-week deductible is calculated from the date of notification.

It is the player’s responsibility to use the stored sessions while the player is involved in HVS coaching or as a member of HVS. If the player is not involved in HVS coaching, the stored sessions are valid until the end of the current year or as long as the player continues as a member of HVS.

Coaching sessions cancelled by HVS-Tennis

If HVS-Tennis must cancel coaching sessions for reasons beyond the control of HVS-Tennis (force majeure):

  • If the interruption lasts less than one month, HVS will add the cancelled coaching sessions to TennisClub and provides compensation sessions when the coaching activities continue
  • A suspension of less than one month does not entitle to a refund / refund of the coaching fee
  • If the interruption lasts for more than a month, the coaching fee already paid will be refunded


The coaching fee is generally invoiced twice a semester, two times in the autumn season and two times in the spring season. In addition, a separate summer season will be invoiced separately. A coaching invoice will be sent to the email found in TennisClub. It is the customer’s responsibility to update TennisClub with a valid email and other contact information. Courses and camps can be purchased directly through the HVS-Tennis shop.


The languages ​​of instruction are Finnish and English.


The coaching fee and HVS membership do not include accident insurance.


If a player does not give permission to use his / her photos / videos in HVS print and electronic publications, he / she can change his / her permission settings in TennisClub. If the change is made in the middle of the period, the change will take effect at the beginning of the following month at the latest.