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HVS Girls’ coach Dominic Modise: College tennis is ideal for everyone who wants to explore the path to combining education and their athletic ability. 

Every kid in Finland deserves to have a dream. A dream to see themselves exploring the world and challenging themselves.

I started dreaming of playing professional tennis at the age of 12. It took a trip to West Germany which changed my outlook of how I want to see myself in the future. Even though my story was different because I was born  in a most racist system in the world called Apartheid in South Africa.  I dreamed of leaving South Africa through tennis from the age of 12. It was the  only way for me out and be in a diverse community. I moved to the US and played College Tennis when I realized that reality of professional tennis.  Financially I couldn’t afford being a professional tennis player so the only option was to earn a college degree on an athletic scholarship. The only country I could do that was the United States.

The SAT (STANDARD APTITUDE TEST) was used as a requirement to compete in Division I and II during that time. That’s when I choose the Junior College route where I played two years and earn an Associate Degree in Arts. After graduating from Central Alabama Community College, I was offered a scholarship to play at a Division I level University of Hawaii at Manoa.

I earned my degree in Marketing from Hawaii and played pro tournaments for a year after graduation. I then realized my calling to coaching, that’s when I became a college coach which has allowed me to help many young players to come and stay in the United States on scholarship.

I started Play College Sports USA after 18 years as successful College Coach at NCAA Division I and III  to help young players around the world to achieve their dreams to play college tennis. College tennis is for anyone that has played competitive tennis and achieved a certain level.

You don’t need to be the greatest player to play college tennis. There are teams and levels for everyone who is looking to play.

There are different  options for players, for example

  • Players who want to turn professional after graduation
  • Players who just want to earn a college degree and optimize their tennis level to the maximum
  • Players who are very smart academically  but want to play and study at the same time while having a student athlete experience

We have seen many players in the top 100 ATP and WTA who have played college tennis.  Sometimes you are not ready to play professional tennis due to finances, maturity level,  unsure of your future or other factors.

That’s why college tennis is ideal for everyone who wants to explore the path to combining education and their athletic ability.

College tennis has the following benefits.


Costs Are Covered

Tennis is an expensive sports that many can’t afford.  Unless you are lucky to get sponsorship deals and funding, otherwise you will be imposed with high costs.  Expenses coverage in College are totally different compared to junior tennis pathway costs.  For example, your coaching as part of the degree, your travel expenses covered, and your equipment and clothes for free. Moreover, most universities have their own courts, which are usually modern, state-of-the-art buildings that include everything a future professional tennis player might need.

An Opportunity to Network

Being part of a college tennis team makes for a great networking and socializing opportunity, be it with fellow students, teammates, team supporters in the community or people you meet during tournaments.

Self-Growth and Self-Development

Throughout the four years, you will learn many things that will help you not only along the way of your career but also in your day-to-day life. Playing college tennis helps you deal with pressure and manage your time better because of the practices and matches that require good organization skills and structure. Traveling for competitions and tournaments also helps you in that regard, preparing you for your future professional tennis player lifestyle or working life. In addition, tennis is one of the top ten sports when it comes to physical conditioning, so you’ll be in shape for a long time.

Playing college tennis has numerous benefits, as seen above, and it should be a more encouraging path for up-and-coming players. When they finish their degrees they have the necessary experience and skills to become successful players. Tennis is a sport in which few make it to the top, but the journey itself is gratifying enough.

Dominic Modise